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Mechanical Monster Hand Activity Kit

: $6

What's included:
- 1 Cardboad monster hand
- Staw Pieces
- Aluminum foil
- String
- Decorations
- Paints
- 2 paint brushes

What you need at home:
- Low temp hot glue gun (for the best results)

Important things:

- If purchasing 1 kit, register as a single. If purchasing 2 or more kits, register as a group. If registering as a group, press the "add member" button after each kit before you press the "complete group" button.

- We do not accept any discounts or Groupons for kits.

- Registration online for  pick up time closes 3 hours before the beginning of each event.

- If you do not see a "Register Now" button below, and the pick up time slot is scheduled for today, then call us at 210.460.6610 to see if we can accomidate your order.

- When you arrive, Call or text us at 210-460-6610 and we will bring it to your car.