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wineglass 200Small Canvas Painty Package Pick Up

Pick up time: Tuesday-Sunday between 1-6PM (Choose your time when registering)
*If you can't make the scheduled time. Give us a call and we can set something up :)
* Registration for kits closes at 8pm the day prior.

Price: $15
- Option to add a set of 3 brushes $5
- Option to purchase additional canvas for $5 per canvas (3 extra paints included per additional canvas)

What's included:

- Two 11"x14" pre-treaced canvases of your choice. To choose the design, go to or . (Please note that the paintings from the regualr adult level gallery that are traced out have a distinct shape such as people, animales, buildings, ect.) Please list the names of the paintings you choose in the notes section

- Eight paints. Black and white always included, plus 6 colors that best match your painting selections. Each paint is contained in a little cup with its own lid. Any special color requests please list in the notes.

- Two plates to mix your paints upon.

- Optional set of reusable brushes for an additional $5.

- Kit is wrapped in Craft paper that you can use to cover your table when painting.

- Each kit also includes a little surprise! :)

Important things:

- If purchasing 1 kit, register as a single. If purchasing 2 or more kits, register as a group. If registering for multiple kits, you must press the "add member" button after each kit, before you press the "complete group" button.  

- We do not accept any discounts or Groupons for kits.

- Registration for kits closes at 8pm the day prior.

- If you do not see a "Register Now" button below, and the pick up time slot is scheduled for today, then call us at 210.460.6610 to see if we can accomidate your order.

- During the pick up time you signed up for, you are welcome come in and pick up the kit. We are also happy to take your order to your car. Just text us at 210-460-6610 and let us know your name and the color and make of your car. We do not have a way to deliver the kits.

- This is a self guided project.

Let's get Painty!