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Activity Kits

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DinoKitExample 200
Dino Discovery
Activity Kit

(Sold Out)

FriedaCrown 200
Flower Crown
Activity Kit

- Fairy Crown
- Frieda Crown
- Troll Crown


FairyGarden1 200
Activity Kit

- Burrito
- Llama
- Butterfly
- Pineapple
- Unicorn


FairyGarden1 200
Fairy Gardan
Activity Kit


             MMFront 200
               Monster Hand
                 Activity Kit

            FairyGarden1 200
                   Doodle Bot
                   Activity Kit



dani 200 Danielle Aguilar

Artist, self proclaimed dancing queen and ashtanga yogi. Her mantra: learn the rules so you can break them thoroughly and vigorously. She molds her own reality with as much swiftness and expertise as she does play dough. Her mind is often as blank as a canvas just before a master-piece ensues. She will bend over backwards for anyone-just ask! View her work on Instagram @D23SANDERFU


Graduate of University of Incarnate Word in Fine Arts

Mitzi 200 Mitzi Vial

A painter and graphic artist, she can often be seen riding her motorcycle in the rain. She loves craw-fish and chasing chickens. She believes in Disney princesses and unicorns although she has never seen one. A mom with style, she often sports a hat-sometimes embellished with fishing lures. We don't know why, she hates to fish.


Graduate of Texas State- Graphic Design.

bolt 200 Bolt the Shop Dog

Shop dog with a passion for all things glitter.  He is the brains of Whimsy. He believes dog biscuits cure all ills.  You may think you have a secret but Bolt knows, he always knows.  Favorite things include bunnies, beer and feathery dog collars.  Often found with a beard of glitter from licking the floor.  A hard worker at Whimsy when he is not napping which he does ALL THE TIME!


Graduated 1st in his class in puppy school.  Dean's list.